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A Field Study on Changing Process in Diversion Canal Water Temperature in Cold Regions of North China

Author(s): Zheng Tiegang; Zong Quanli; Sun Shuangke; Wu Sujie

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Abstract: Pumping well water to melt ice is one of the effective measures to solve the problem of icing damage in cold regions. In this paper, the diversion canal of Hongshanzui Water Power Station in Manas River of Xinjiang was selected as the study area (E 86o07′17.02″, N 44o09′36.69″) and a field observation was conducted in February21st 2013 to analyze the changing process in diversion canal water temperature. Based on the measurement results, it is shown that the water temperature of diversion canal increased remarkably after the pumping wells are operating. The changing process in canal water temperature could be described rising rapidly, dropping rapidly and decreasing slowly, which is repeated again and again. The decrease value is affected by the temperature difference between canal water and around air, as well as the distance that each pumping well controlled.


Year: 2018

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