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An Experimental Investigation of Three-Dimensional Flow Characteristics of an Egg-Shaped Fish Orifice

Author(s): Zhiyong Dong; Xue Dong

Linked Author(s): Zhiyong Dong

Keywords: Fishway; Egg-shaped fish orifice; 3D velocity distributions; ADV measurements

Abstract: Three-dimensional flow velocity distributions due to an egg-shaped fish orifice in a fishway were systematically measured by Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV). Through the experimental investigations, characteristics and similarities of longitudinal, vertical and transverse velocity distributions at different depths and on different horizontal and vertical planes were analyzed and compared. Variation in the maximum longitudinal velocity along flow direction and locations of the maximum velocities at different vertical lines were given. The experimental results showed that jet flow characteristics from an egg-shaped fish orifice in a fishway were considerably of three-dimensionality, which were quite different from two-dimensional jet flows.


Year: 2018

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