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Analysis of the Interactive Relationship Between Meandering River Hydraulic Characteristics and Habitat Suitability

Author(s): Jing Zhang; Hongtao Wang; Jinyong Zhao; Zheren Dong; Wenqi Peng; Xianfu Zhao; Yu Yan; Baoligao; Baiyin

Linked Author(s): Baoligao Baiyin, Wenqi Peng, Jinyong Zhao

Keywords: Physical habitat quality; Ecohydraulic model; WUA; River 2D; Procypris rabaudi

Abstract: Meandering river has the unique geomorphological characteristics and provides diverse habitats for instream and riparian living organisms as well. In order to solve the problem of how to restore the river morphology, the adult Procypris rabaudi (Tchang) habitat hydraulic characteristics and habitat suitability in two reaches of lower Chishui River were analyzed by River2D ecohydraulic model, the comprehensive suitability index of each point and the weighted Usable Area (WUA) in different discharges were estimated. The meandering reach was suggested to support more diverse hydraulic conditions and more effective habitats for Procypris rabaudi (Tchang) than straight-low sinuosity reach. This study will provide scientific sustains for the river restoration and fish conservation in southwest China.


Year: 2018

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