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The Need for Fishways for Non-Recreational Fish: Evidence of Damming Effects on Native Resident Chilean Species

Author(s): Evelyn Habit; Konrad Gorski; Gustavo Diaz; Oscar Link; Pedro Arriagada; Francisca Valenzuela; Daniel Ruzzante; Ivan Vera-Escalona; Barbara Toledo

Linked Author(s): Oscar Link

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Abstract: For understanding consequences of physical fragmentation on native resident non-recreational fish of Chile, we performed studies at different biological levels, such as genetic, population and community. Our results, based on this multi-approach analysis, highlighted the needs of the maintenance of river connectivity for this fish fauna, being essential to preserve their biological and ecological processes and, ultimately, to keep their evolutionary pathways. Implementation of mitigation actions are urgent, including the strict incorporation of fish-passes in the planned hydropower projects to prevent increasing biodiversity decline.


Year: 2018

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