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Hydrodynamics of a Lake Regulated by Sluices

Author(s): Hao Cao; Saiyu Yuan; Hongwu Tang; Chenyu Jiang

Linked Author(s): Saiyu Yuan, Hongwu Tang

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Abstract: Lake Hongze is the middle reach of the Huaihe River basin, and its inlets and outlets are all regulated by sluices. It plays a critical role in waterlogging or flooding of the upstream Huaihe River basin due to its blocking effects during flooding. The knowledge of the hydrodynamics of Lake Hongze is significant to understand its blocking effects in depth and solve this problem. Attempts are made to simulate such a lake regulated by sluices with a state-of-the-art model, FVCOM (the Finite-Volume Community Ocean Model). This model performs well in simulating the drastically-changed lake streams with the effects of sluices. The results show the lake streams are mainly determined by the operation of outlet sluices. The upstream water level decreases slowly although a large amount of water is discharged from this sluice, because of the long distance between the inlet and the outlet and the large hydraulic head loss. The fast rise of the water level in Lihewa is caused by the combined effects of the narrow passage of currents, the convergence of three rivers, and the hydraulic blocking due to the flow penetration of the Huaihongxinhe River. All these results are beneficial to understand the influence of Lake Hongze on the waterlogging or flooding of the upstream Huaihe River basin.


Year: 2018

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