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Simulated Study on the Effects of Different Trophic Water Diversion on the Water Quality and Phytoplankton Community in Gonghu Bay(Extended Abstract)

Author(s): Qianqian Yang; Shiqiang Wu; Jiangyu Dai; Xiufeng Wu; Wanyun Xue; Fang Liu

Linked Author(s): Fang Liu

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Abstract: Based on “water diversion from Yangtze River to Lake Taihu” project, we established an aquatic microcosm model by taking 15L eutrophic lake water as the accepted water body. Using the model we have done the simulation experiment indoor with in a period of 11 days to study the dynamic response of physicochemical properties and phytoplankton communities under the influence of different trophic incoming water from Wangyu River. Results showed that: TN, NO -N, NH -N, TP, SRP and TOC in O group and M group were significantly decline. The effect of E group was worse than that of O group and M group. Water diversion increased the Shannon-Wiener diversity and Pielou’s evenness index in this water ecosystem. Cells density of Bacillariophta and other non-Cyanophyta species increased. Meanwhile, the growth of Cyanophyta was threatened by competition. The effect of O group and M group was better than that of E group.


Year: 2018

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