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Ecohydraulics for Improved Understanding of Hydro-Morphological Processes

Author(s): Atle Harby; Tor Haakon Bakken; Borre Dervo; Marie-Pierre Gosselin; Maia Rost Kile; Markus Lindholm; Hakon Sundt; Peggy Zinke

Linked Author(s): Peggy Zinke, Atle Harby

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Abstract: Hydrological and morphological processes (i. e. hydro-morphology) play a fundamental role in sustaining the aquatic ecosystems. Understanding hydro-morphological processes at different spatial and temporal scales is necessary to diagnose river status and design efficient mitigation measures. However, the increased need for human use of water resources and further hydropower development with new operational modes to support integration of other renewables creates challenges. Ecohydraulics applied at different spatial and temporal scales will play an important role in understanding impacts on hydro-morphology from different pressures, and will be crucial to predict future changes and effect of mitigation measures. Ecohydraulic and ecohydrological tools and guidelines for understanding hydro-morphological processes has been developed and tested in Norwegian rivers. The basic principle addresses hydro-morphology in three different groups of processes: longitudinal, latitudinal and within-stream processes. In addition, the inclusion of hydrological parameters completes the picture and helps understanding both the short-time and long-time temporal scale. The paper outlines the tools and shows examples of application in Scandinavian rivers.


Year: 2018

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