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30 Years of Bridging River Flow and Environmental Processes, Where Are We?

Author(s): Marie-Pierre Gosselin; Valerie Ouellet; Atle Harby; John Nestler

Linked Author(s): Valerie Ouellet, Atle Harby

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Abstract: Increasing awareness of the complexity of river ecosystems has led to concomitant increases in interdisciplinary research and management. Integrative disciplines have emerged that combined topics in river physical and ecological processes. Of particular importance, the disciplines of ecohydrology, hydroecology and ecohydraulics have gained momentum over the last 30 years. However, the names of these disciplines are often used interchangeably or inappropriately, creating fuzziness around the terms that can impair the efficient development and widespread promotion of these fields of study and their application. This study proposes a framework aiming to clarify the definitions and uses of the different disciplines, to explore the relationship between each one and to serve as a reference for a better integration of existing and new disciplines in these evolving fields.


Year: 2018

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