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A Comparison of Calculating Wetted Area by Hydraulic Modelling and in Situ UAV Measurements in a Norwegian Salmonid Stream

Author(s): Sebastian Stranzl; Ulrich Pulg; Espen O. Espedal; Christoph Postler; Peter Flodl; Christoph Hauer

Linked Author(s): Christoph Hauer

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Abstract: Three methods for assessing wetted area by discharge were compared in this study in a shallow mountainous stream with clear water: 1) Digitizing wetted area from Structure from Motion (SfM) processed aerial pictures at varying dischargesand 2D-hydrodynamic-numeric modelling of the wetted area based on a2) Light detection and ranging (Li DAR) airborne laser scan (ALS) Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and3) a DEM derived from SfM processed aerial pictures. Results show that the DEM based on aerial pictures delivers high accuracy (error in wetted area less than 7%) while the DEM based on LiDAR ALS has an error of more than 50%. We can therefore conclude that UAV based DEM is a promising method for surveying clear water mountain streams.


Year: 2018

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