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Climate Changes Impact on River Mouths in Permafrost Zone of Russia

Author(s): Elena Dolgopolova

Linked Author(s): Elena Dolgopolova

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Abstract: The geographical distribution of types of permafrost, grounds at the banks of the river mouths and ice conditions of the coastal zone of Arctic seas are studied. The hydrological regime and ice conditions of arctic river mouths are described. The main factors defining regime of the mouths of the rivers flowing into the Arctic Seas of Russia and possible changes of these factors due to climate warming are discussed. Dependence of ice formation on variations of water salinities in the river mouths is studied. Climate change impact on river discharge, ice duration and the thawing depth at the banks of the arctic river mouths are discussed. Analysis of dependence of ice cover duration on changes of the average annual temperatures at the river mouths for different time periods shows that it has a weak dependence on the present increase of temperature, if the period of observation is long enough.


Year: 2010

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