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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Lahti, 2010)

This collection accommodates the articles of the Proceedings of the 20th IAHR International Symposium on Ice, which was held in Lahti, Finland during June 14-18, 2010.

ID Title Authors Year
19393 Ice Phenomena on the Lower Vistula
Wojciech Majewski; Lukasz Zinski
19394 Local Ice Pressures from Flatjacks and Rigid Indenters
Paul Spencer; Garry Timco
19395 Lowering Ice Loads Using Submerged Barriers: Reducing the Kinetic-Energy at Impact
Paul Spencer; Anne Barker; Garry Timco
19396 Winter Bacterio-and Virioplankton of a Mesotrophic Reservoir
Alexander I. Kopylov; Dmitriy B. Kosolapov; Anna V. Romanenko; Elena A. Zabotkina
19397 Ice Plunging into Openings of Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Under Barriers of Ice-Floes
N. S. Bakanovichus; V. I. Klimovich; I. N. Shatalina
19398 Thermodynamic Consolidation of Ice Ridges Keels in the Water at the Varying Freezing Point
A. S. Shestov; A. V. Marchenko; S. A. Ogorodov
19399 Influence Factor Given to an Observation Discharge and Development of a Discharge Formula for Ice Covered River
Yasuhiro Yoshikawa; Yasuharu Watanabe; Hiroshi Hayakawa; Yasuyuki Hirai
19400 How Should Grounded Ice Rubble Stability Be Defined?
Anne Barker; Garry Timco
19401 Evolution of Northern Hemisphere Lake-Ice Characteristics and Thermal Structures in a Changing Climate
Yonas Dibike; Terry Prowse; Tuomo Saloranta; Roxanne Ahmed
19402 A Simple Sea Ice Drift Forecast Model
Robert S. Pritchard; Guang Li; Gordon F. N. Cox

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