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Propagation of Aggrading Sediment Fronts in a Laboratory Flume

Author(s): Alessio Radice; Stefania Unigarro Villota

Linked Author(s): Alessio Radice

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Abstract: Channel bed aggradation due to sediment overloading was studied experimentally. A series of aggradation tests, with uniform lightweight sediment, were performed to observe the hydro-morphologic response of a laboratory flume to bed-load sediment transport and nonequilibrium upstream sediment feeding. The hydro-dynamic and the sediment feeding rates were kept constant in time. The temporal evolution of the longitudinal profiles of the stream bed and of the water surface was measured by imaging methods. The experimental data were used to (i) provide a phenomenological description of the aggradation process, recognizing different morphologic features superimposed on one another and (ii) characterize the height and velocity of propagation of aggrading sediment fronts. The front heights increased with increasing sediment supply, while the front celerity decreased. The celerity values were compared to a few predictors available in the literature. The literature formulae return celerity values scattered over almost two orders of magnitude, and present conflicting trends (a predicted celerity may either increase or decrease for increasing sediment feeding rate), thus stimulating further research on the topic.


Year: 2018

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