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An Experimental Investigation on the Flow Resistance over a Porous Gravel-Bed Surface and Its Non-Porous Counterpart

Author(s): Christy Ushanth Navaratnam; Jochen Aberle; Jie Qin; Pierre-Yves Henry

Linked Author(s): Jie Qin, Christy Ushanth Navaratnam, Jochen Aberle

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Abstract: This paper presents preliminary results from laboratory experiments which were specifically designed to determine the flow resistance over a water-worked gravel-bed and its impermeable counterpart (cast-bed). The technique used to create the cast-bed is introduced, followed by the description of the experimental setup and the procedure to quantify flow resistance over both the water-worked and cast-bed. The influence of the grain orientation on flow resistance was investigated in an additional set of experiments by rotating the cast-bed through 180°in the flume. The main focus of the paper is on the comparison of the bulk flow characteristics for the three different cases for which the beds are characterized not only by the same characteristic grain-diameter but also by an identical surface structure. The obtained results show that the porous, non-porous bed and rotated bed result in different flow resistance and that both bed porosity and grainorientation have a significant effect on flow resistance.


Year: 2018

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