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Numerical Analysis of Flood with a Double Grid Model

Author(s): Go Morikawa; Ichiro Kimura

Linked Author(s): Ichiro Kimura

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Abstract: The objective of this study is to verify the validity of a hyper grid type (double grid model) computational model, for calculating flood flows with inundations. Nowadays, detailed information of the bathymetry is available due to improved measurement techniques, such as LP data. However, the number of grid cells used in the computation is limited because of the limitation of computational infrastructures. A double grid approach based on the model proposed by Volp et. al. (2013) is employed to overcome this problem. This model directly uses the high resolution topographic data though the discretization of the governing equations are made on coarser grid. The computational results showed that the present numerical model can compute the large scale flood phenomena efficiently and accurately.


Year: 2018

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