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Coupled Method for the Numerical Simulation of1D Shallow Water and Exner Transport Equations in Channels with Variable Cross-Section

Author(s): Sergio Martinez-Aranda; Javier Murillo; Pilar Garcia-Navarro

Linked Author(s): Pilar García-Navarro

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: This work is focused on the a numerical finite volume scheme for the resulting coupled shallow water-Exner system in 1D applications with arbitrary geometry. The mathematical expression modeling the the hydrodynamic and morphodynamic components of the physical phenomenon are treated to deal with cross-section shape variations and empirical solid discharge estimations. The resulting coupled system of equations can be rewritten as a nonconservative hyperbolic system with three moving waves and one stationary wave to account for the source terms discretization. But, even for the simplest solid transport models as the Grass law, to find a linearized Jacobian matrix of the system can be a challenge if one considers arbitrary shape channels. Moreover, the bottom channel slope variations depends on the erosion-deposition mechanism considered to update the channel cross-section profile. In this paper a numerical finite volume scheme is proposed, based on an augmented Roe solver (first order accurate in time and space) and dealing with solid transport flux variations caused by the channel geometry changes. Channel crosssection variations lead to the appearance of a new solid flux source term which should be discretized properly. Comparison of the numerical results for several analytical and experimental cases demonstrate the effectiveness, exact wellbalanceness and accuracy of the scheme.


Year: 2018

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