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IDDES Evaluation of Oscillating Hydraulic Jumps

Author(s): Vimaldoss Jesudhas; Frederic Murzyn; Ram Balachandar

Linked Author(s): Ram Balachandar

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Abstract: This paper presents the results of three-dimensional, unsteady, Improved Delayed Detached Eddy Simulations of an oscillating and a stable hydraulic jump at Froude numbers of 3.8 and 8.5, respectively. The different types of oscillations characterised in a hydraulic jump are analysed by evaluating the instantaneous flow field. The instability caused by the flapping wall-jet type flow in an oscillating jump is distinct compared to the jump-toe fluctuations caused by the spanwise vortices in the shear layer of a stable jump. These flow features are accurately captured by the simulations and are presented with pertinent discussions. The near-bed vortical structures in an oscillating jump is extracted and analysed using the λ2 criterion.


Year: 2018

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