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On Experimental Censorship of Particle Hops in Bed-Load Transport

Author(s): Francesco Ballio; Siobhan L. Fathel; David Jon Furbish; Alessio Radice

Linked Author(s): Alessio Radice, Francesco Ballio

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Abstract: Observation of incomplete particle hops in imaging-based experiments with bed-load transport does not just occur with hops that are longer than an area of observation. Even short hops can be in fact incompletely measured if they cross the boundaries of the focus area. Experimental censorship biases the statistical distribution and moments of bed-load particle hops. This paper presents: a theoretical quantification of an expected effect of experimental censorship; based on this quantification, a method to correct the statistical distribution of hop lengths; an application of the method to experimental data. Applying the correction leads to significantly different values of the mean hop length, compensating the biasing effect of censorship. By contrast, nothing can be done for experimental truncation that is associated with hops longer than an applied area of observation. Experimental truncation must be avoided a priori, by appropriate design of the measurement method.


Year: 2018

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