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Rubble-Ice Loads Generated by Cable-Moored Conical Platform: Ice-Tank Tests

Author(s): Robert Ettema; Wilfrid A. Nixon

Linked Author(s): Robert Ettema

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Abstract: Presented herein are ice-tank data concerning ice-rubble loads against a moored conical platform. Of prime interest is how rubble-ice loads are influenced by horizontal stiffness of the platform’s mooring system. An important, yet poorly documented, feature of rubble loading and clearing around the platform is the accumulation of ice rubble as a false bow, or prow, at the platform’s leading perimeter. The ice-tank data show that, under some conditions of ice-rubble loading, the lowest stiffness of mooring tested resulted in prow instability and sloughing, which in turn lead to a cyclic pattern of loading, and to rubble congestion around the platform. An outcome of such rubble congestion was a marked increase in the overall rubble-ice load exerted against the platform.


Year: 2002

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