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Laboratory Study on Storm Impacts to a Sandy Beach

Author(s): Nguyen Xuan Tinh; Hitoshi Tanaka

Linked Author(s): Hitoshi Tanaka

Keywords: Storm impact; Laboratory experiment; Cross-shore sediment transport; Wave overwashing

Abstract: There have been many severe storms occurred around the world in general and in Japan in particular every year. The occurrence of storms is expected to increase because of the global warming effects. The increasing of wave height together with rising of still water level during a storm created a high possibility for wave overtopping the beach crest causing a lot of sediments eroded to offshore area or deposited inland direction. The study on a barrier island responses caused by the storm is therefore become very importance in terms of beach morphology change, sediment transport as well as near-shore structures destroyed due to runup overwash and inundation overwash. However, the changes of beach profile and in-sight sediment transport mechanisms during a real event are impossible to obtain. Thus, the laboratory study is more appreciated. The aims of study are to in-depth investigate the whole beach or sand spit responses due to storm dynamics with considering to the increase or decrease of storm surge height and wave height at the same time.


Year: 2010

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