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The importance of a holistic ecohydraulics approach in advancing fish passage design

Author(s): Paul S. Kemp; Christos Katopodis

Linked Author(s): Christos Katopodis, Paul Kemp

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Abstract: Recognition that monitoring the effectiveness of fish passes has tended to use non-standardized methods that make it difficult to directly compare between sites and structures on which generalized conclusions, e.g. using meta-analyses, can be formed has led to current efforts to develop a European Standard guidance document (currently a draft) for assessing fish passage efficiency. It is argued that only systematic, reproducible monitoring studies assessing the performance of fish passes will enable us to improve and develop current fish pass design. Despite describing the need for a multi-method approach, e.g. involving traps, observation, and laboratory studies, the focus of the draft standard is solely directed towards telemetry, a bias that is clear in other recent publications (e.g. Silva et al. 2018).


Year: 2018

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