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IoT Platform for Failure Management in Water Transmission System

Author(s): J. Perez-Padillo; F. Puig; J. Garcia Morillo; P. Montesinos

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Keywords: Decision support system; Wireless sensor; Digitalisation; Smart urban water management; Remote sensing and data assimilation

Abstract: The operation of water transmission networks, (WTN), responsible for conveying water from the sources to the regulation tanks in municipalities, is conditioned by the dispersion of these networks throughout the territory. Thus, WTNs are made up of pipes tens of kilometres long, located in non-urban areas, which makes daily monitoring of the key points difficult. Systems based on the Internet of Things (IoT) are enabling decentralised monitoring of large hydraulic networks, providing access to real- time information from any point with an internet connection. To achieve an efficient management of these large hydraulic infrastructures, their digitization is essential. Only in this way is it possible to apply BigData techniques to the recorded data, facilitating the daily management of facilities, making them safer and more resilient to adverse situations [1]. This work shows the development and implementation of an IoT platform aimed at fault detection in WTNs using opensource software (Figure 1). Its core is a decision tree algorithm, which detects and classifies faults using only the pressure data recorded by the linked network of low-cost wireless pressure sensors. Upon detection of a fault, the system sends alerts and estimates the maximum repair time without causing supply outages, facilitating the management of repair works. The applicability of the proposed system has been tested in a real WTN.


Year: 2021

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