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Open-Source IoT Platform for Smart Irrigation Systems

Author(s): F. Puig; J. A. Rodriguez; A. Soriano; E. Camacho; R. Gonzalez

Linked Author(s): Nicolle González Ramos

Keywords: Remote sensing and data assimilation; Modelling and visualisation tools; Internet of Things; Smart irrigation

Abstract: Nowadays, smart irrigation is becoming an essential part of agriculture, where water and energy are an increasingly limiting factors. The Internet of Things (IoT) emerges as the natural choice for smart water management applications [1]. Its importance will grow in the coming years, in an agricultural sector where the optimal use of resources and environmental sustainability are more important every day. However, implementing smart irrigation is not an easy task for most farmers, since it is based on the knowledge of the different aspects that influence crop water requirements. These measurements are taken using different types of sensors, which have been greatly developed in recent years and their cost has become cheaper. However, most of them offer the information in commercial IoT platforms which are closed, do not allow the integration with other platforms, and usually support a limited number of sensors. These problems limit their potential use in decision making. In this work a low-cost IoT open-source system for smart irrigation is developed, that can be easy integrated with other platforms and support a large number of sensors.


Year: 2021

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