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Numerical Modelling of Flow over Sharp-Crested Rectangular Contracted Weir

Author(s): Burhan Yildiz; Wim Uijttewaal; Jeremy Bricker; Erik Mosselman

Linked Author(s): Jeremy Bricker, Erik Mosselman, Wim S.J. Uijttewaal

Keywords: Modelling and visualisation tools; Diversion systems and water transfers; CFD; Multiphase flow modelling; Weirs

Abstract: Weirs are flow control structures that can be used for flow diversion purposes. They are classified according to section geometry or their length in the flow direction. For sharp-crested rectangular weirs, Rehbock [1] derived stage-discharge equations. In contracted geometries, streamlines curve at the approach flow leading to variations in flow structures. For this case, [2] proposed an equation for discharge as a function of the opening rate at the section (ratio of opening width to total width, b/B). We developed CFD models to test their accuracy in modelling weir flow. For the contracted weir cases, flow structures were visualised upstream of the weir.


Year: 2021

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