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Identifying Hydrological Signatures Found in Reservoir Impacted Gauge Records in Great Britain

Author(s): S. Salwey; G. Coxon; F. Pianosi

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Keywords: Reservoirs networks; Downstream impacts of dams; Hydrological signatures; Reservoir operations

Abstract: The operation of reservoirs has been classified as the largest form of human intervention on the hydrological cycle [1]. Whilst many studies have looked into the changes in hydrological signatures found in flow regimes pre-and-post dam construction [2-4], few have investigated the differences between gauge records extracted from reservoir impacted catchments and those that can be considered natural or near-natural. In Great Britain, the characteristic features of a reservoir impacted flow regime are largely undefined. This work seeks to identify a number of hydrological signatures found in reservoir impacted gauge records to (1) deepen our knowledge of how reservoirs and their management alter the flow regime, and (2) to provide an opportunity to validate whether or not our current modelling practises are able to simulate the identified characteristic deviations from a natural timeseries.


Year: 2021

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