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Study on the Influence and Rapid Prediction of Wind on Water Level for Open Channel Water Transfer Project

Author(s): Yan Long; Jie Zhu; Xiaohui Lei; Yu Tian; Youming Li

Linked Author(s): Xiaohui Lei

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Abstract: Taking the typical main canal of the Middle Route of South-to-North Water Transfer project as an example, the numerical simulation study on the variation law of water level before sluice under different wind conditions is carried out. First, based on numerical simulation, mathematical induction, and statistical analysis method, the influences of wind speed, wind duration and wind direction on water level fluctuation are put forward and the fast prediction formula of maximum water level fluctuation under wind influence is extracted. Then, the feasibility of the fast prediction formula is verified by the actual monitoring data. The results show that: (1) the duration of wind has little influence on the maximum water level variation, and the maximum error is 9.83 %; (2) the maximum water level amplitude increases with increasing wind speed and decreases with increasing wind source distance; (3) the whole water level variation is symmetrical about the angle α=180°, and 0° to 90° is a period of maximum water level variation; (4) the error between the calculation result of the fast prediction formula and the measured result is 1.25 %, which shows that the maximum water level prediction formula is relatively applicable to open channel water transfer project. These research results provide a scientific basis for routine dispatching of water conveyance projects.


Year: 2018

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