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Impact on Operation of the Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Diversion

Author(s): Hui Wan; Huiyong Huang; Sidong Zeng; Yibo Yan; Yongyan Wu; Shaohua Liu; Kai Wei

Linked Author(s): Yongyan Wu

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Abstract: The inter-basin water transfer project is one of the most important means to solve the uneven distribution of water resources in time and space, rationally allocate water resources, and promote the construction of water ecological civilization. Research on the operation impact and channel hydraulic response is meaning for the safe operation of long-distance water conveyance canals. Taking the Middle Route Project (MRP) of South-to-North Water Diversion (SNWD) as example, this paper built the onedimensional steady and unsteady flow model and investigated the impact of roughness change, emergency rescue technology and equipment, and sluice control failure. Results showed that increased roughness decreased the water diversion efficiency of MRP to some degree. The emergency rescue technology and equipment occupied the channel section and declined flow capacity. The occurrence of sluice control failure relatively played an increasing impact on upstream water level and a decreasing impact downstream water level and flow discharge. The impact of the above scenarios on the scheduling operation can be reduced to a certain extent by regular cleaning and maintenance, development of rational water emergency rescue project, development of staff skill, etc. This research can provide support for safe operation and regulation of the MRP of SNWD.


Year: 2018

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