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Application of Grey Clustering Method Based on Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process in Water Quality Evaluation

Author(s): Jia Wang; Xu Wang; Xinhua Zhang; Haichen Li; Xiaohui Lei; Hao Wang; Lixin Wang

Linked Author(s): Xiaohui Lei

Keywords: No keywords

Abstract: To highlight the differences in water quality impacts of different indicators in water samples, this paper proposes a grey clustering method based on improved analytic hierarchy process to evaluate the quality of surface water. According to the pollution degree of different indicators in the water quality sample, the importance score is assigned, and the weight of different indicators is calculated by the analytic hierarchy process. The weight participates in the calculation of the grey clustering coefficient, and the evaluated water quality category considers the difference of the contribution rate of different pollutant indicators. The water quality samples of three water periods (Abundant, Normal, and Poor water flow periods) in the four sections of Qingshui River in Duyun City (Tea garden, Youhang, Yingpan and Jiadeng) were selected for evaluation, and the conventional grey clustering method and single factor method were used. The evaluation results were compared and analyzed. The evaluation results show that the improved grey clustering method is more scientific and reasonable and can provide a basis for water quality assessment and water environment management of water environment management departments.


Year: 2018

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