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Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics Numerical of Wind-Driven Circulations in Danjiangkou Reservoir

Author(s): Jie Zhu; Jin Quan; Xiaohui Lei; Xia Yue; Yang Duan

Linked Author(s): Xiaohui Lei

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Abstract: This paper focuses on the analysis of the flow field of Danjiangkou Reservoir under the action of wind stress. Based on the analysis of the annual wind field data of Danjiangkou Reservoir, the three-dimensional hydrodynamic model of Danjiangkou Reservoir was established. The distribution of water flow field in the reservoir area under five different wind directions and two different wind speeds was studied. The simulation results were compared with the flow field without wind. The results show that when the wind speed in the reservoir area is 3.3m/s, the surface velocity and flow direction change less under the same wind conditions as the potential flow direction. Under the wind condition opposite to the potential flow direction, the reservoir area is locally generated. The small circulation and surface flow are more disordered; when the wind speed reaches 10.0m/s, under the same wind condition as the potential flow direction, the surface velocity of the reservoir area increases significantly. Under the wind condition opposite to the direction of the potential flow, a stable counterclockwise circulation is generated, and the wind direction dominates the surface layer. seriously affecting the flow field distribution in the reservoir area. The research results in this paper can provide support for the reservoir in the formulation of emergency water pollution emergency strategy and the formulation of real-time scheduling plan.


Year: 2018

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