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Automatic Feedback Control Algorithm for Canal for a Quick Upstream Water Supply Interruption in the Case of an Emergency

Author(s): Lingzhong Kong; Xiaohui Lei; Qian Yang; Hezhen zheng; Hao Wang

Linked Author(s): Qian Yang, Xiaohui Lei

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Abstract: For the sudden upstream water interruption in the canal of an emergency, the existing research method guiding gate control is mainly feed-forward compensation algorithm, under which algorithm the interruption of water diversions is the upstream first and then the downstream. In order to achieve a more flexible water demand for different water diversions purpose, this study used PI water level difference feedback control algorithm to control the gate under this condition. The research results showed that the PI water level difference feedback control algorithm can make the change trend of water level of multi-pool close and reduce the rate of water level decline, and thus prolong the continuous delivery time of pools with offtake delivery demand under sudden upstream water interruption. Moreover, the PI water level difference method has good robustness and can be applied to more complex combinations of inflow and delivery changes. This study provides another way of thinking for the regulation of the gate in the case of sudden upstream water interruption.


Year: 2018

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