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Fish Swimming Performance: Effect of Flume Length and Different Fatigue Definitions

Author(s): Muhammad Usama Ashraf; Claudio Comoglio; Daniel Nyqvist; Gloria Mozzi; Paolo Vezza; Costantino Manes; Paolo Domenici; Andrea Marion

Linked Author(s): Andrea Marion, Claudio Comoglio, Costantino Manes

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Abstract: Fish swimming performance is a key to understanding behavioral strategies that affect fish migration, habitat selection, reproduction, predator-prey interaction, etc. Quantification of fish swimming performance through either step-increase (Ucrit) or fixed velocity testing is influenced by channel geometry size and length. Since time to fatigue, the swimming time after which a fish is no longer able to swim against a given flow condition is the prime yardstick to evaluate swimming performance, lacking a common time to fatigue definition could potentially lead to a specious assessment of the fish swimming performance.


Year: 2022

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