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Effect of Ice Boom Submergence Level on Surrounding Flow

Author(s): Elijah Edie; Shawn Clark; Karen Dow

Linked Author(s): Shawn Clark

Keywords: River Ice; Ice Management

Abstract: The effect of ice boom submergence level on surrounding flow was assessed using a small-scale physical model. A single ice boom section was modeled as a cylinder partially submerged at the surface of a recirculating open-water flume. Historic ice boom design criteria were considered in the selection of test conditions. A series of three tests were completed with a Froude number, based on approach flow depth, of 0.11 and cylinder submergence values ranging from 30% – 70%. Measurements using planar particle imagery velocimetry enabled the assessment of flow characteristics such as streamline topology and vorticity. Recirculation was present downstream of the model ice boom in each test. As cylinder submergence increased, the recirculating region extended farther downstream and deeper into the flow. For some flow characteristics, intensities increased with cylinder submergence as well, but the distributions were broadly similar. Overall, results of the study build upon recent work concerning the hydraulic effects of ice booms and contribute to a more complete understanding of these important ice retention structures.


Year: 2022

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