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Experimental Study of Multiple Turbidity Currents and Their Deposits in Response to a Simultaneous Slope Break and Loss of Confinement

Author(s): Jonathan Wilkin; Alan Cuthbertson; Sue Dawson; Nadia Penna; Uisdean Nicholson; Dorrik Stow; Karl Stephen

Linked Author(s): Alan J S Cuthbertson

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Abstract: Results are presented from a series of scaled parametric experiments that explore the response of supercritical turbidity currents and their evolving deposits within a morphological transition zone between a confined, sloping channel and an unconfined, horizontal basin, resulting from a simultaneous break in slope and loss of confinement. Of particular interest is the effect that antecedent turbidity currents and their deposits have on the subsequent current flow dynamics and the evolution of the channel and basin depositional features. The experimental set-up is designed to permit multiple turbidity currents to be simulated sequentially to reproduce layered deposits in the confined lower slope, the channel-lobe transition zone, and the proximal lobe conditions generated in the unconfined basin, as analogous to deep-water, base of slope sedimentary environments.


Year: 2022

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