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Proceedings of the 7th IAHR Europe Congress (Athens, 2022)

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  • ISBN: 978-618-85675-3-5
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  • Editor(s): Anastasios I. Stamou; Vassilios Tsihrintzis
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7th IAHR Europe Congress
Innovative Water Management in a Changing Climate
Athens, Greece
September 7-9, 2022

ID Title Authors Year
22135 Proceedings of the 7th IAHR European Congress (Athens, 2022)
22136 Water Security Under Climate Change
Jacques Ganoulis
22137 Water Governance: Tackling Climate Crisis Challenges
Maria P. Papadopoulou
22138 Research and Innovation Agenda for Hydropower as Catalyst for the Energy Transition in Europe
Anton J. Schleiss; Andrej Misech; Jean-Jacques Fry; Mark Morris
22139 Hydraulic Engineering in the Era of Extreme-Scale Computing and Data-Driven Modeling
Fotis Sotiropoulos
22140 Simulation of Flow Around a Wall-Mounted Semi-Ellipsoid – Comparison of URANS and DES Modelling Approaches
Yannick Marschall; George Constantinescu; Robert M. Boes; David F. Vetsch
22141 3D Numerical Modelling of Silting Processes in a Retention Basin
Agnes Diermaier; Ursula Stephan; Daniel Wildt; Michael Tritthart
22142 Assessing the Impact of Human Aquatic Vegetation Removal on Water Levels by Hydraulic Analysis
Koen Berends; Ellis Penning; Carlo Rutjes; Rob Fraaije
22143 Flow Resistance and Energy Dissipation in Brush Fish Pass
Serhat Kucukali
22144 Permeable Pavements Efficiency Under Clogging and Pollutants Load Removal
Mariana Marchioni; Maria Gloria Di Chiano; Anita Raimondi; Claudia Dresti; Umberto Sanfilippo; John Sansalone; Gianfranco Becciu

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