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Hydraulic Modelling of Interfacial Processes for Two-Layer Maximal Exchange

Author(s): Janek Laanearu; Alan Cuthbertson

Linked Author(s): Alan J S Cuthbertson, Janek Laanearu

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Abstract: The paper deals with the hydraulic modelling of two-layer maximal exchange; where two control sections are required for the stratified, bi-directional flow to be fully controlled. A novel mass flux transfer model is considered in the two-layer hydraulic exchange that includes a solution for the reversed-flow conditions of the two-layer system. This stratified-flow effect is associated with an internally-generated net-exchange barotropic flow components, which may be associated with the interfacial mixing processes. Similar recirculation-type effect in the stratified flow is present in salt-wedge estuaries. Predictions from the hydraulic model incorporating mass flux transfer between the counterflowing layers is compared to experimental data of exchange flows with and without net-barotropic forcing.


Year: 2022

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