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Measuring Near-Bed Flow Field in Shallow Quasi-Uniform Flow Conditions with the Use of an Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler

Author(s): Arianna Varrani; ukasz Przyborowski; Magdalena Mrokowska; Pawel Rowinski; Massimo Guerrero

Linked Author(s): Pawel M. Rowinski, Magdalena Mrokowska, Massimo Guerrero

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: Experiments of incipient motion conditions were carried out in a flume bedded with plastic particles with average diameter of 3mm. Such particles can be referred to as microplastics, and their mobility is, like that of natural, clastic sediments, highly linked to the near-bed flow field. Near-bed velocity measurements were performed with a portable ultrasonic velocity profiler (UVP), the UB-Lab P by Ubertone. Transversal velocity profiles were taken at 4-5 increasing distances from the bed surface, to (i) derive information on the near-bed flow field and its distribution in the transversal direction and (ii) investigate the deepest half of the flow depth, where log-law velocity distribution was assumed. This study presents the first results concerning near-bed velocity measurements over a bed made of microplastic particles.


Year: 2022

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