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Assessment of Acoustic Features of Clay-Silt Suspended Sediment from Numerous Observed Particle Size Distributions and Dual-Frequencies

Author(s): Flora Pomazi; Massimo Guerrero; Sandor Baranya

Linked Author(s): Sándor Baranya, Massimo Guerrero

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Abstract: Acoustic methods are increasingly applied for high resolution mapping of suspended sediment transport. In this study, we assessed the acoustic features (i. e., the backscattering strength, and the normalized scatter- and viscous-attenuation coefficients) of the clay-silt suspended sediment of the Middle-Hungarian Danube River from a high number of observed particle size distributions obtained by laser diffraction. We found that the scattering-viscous attenuation (i. e., the attenuation due to sediment) variation is not relevant when compared to backscattering strength variation. Furthermore, the backscatter coefficient depends on the skewness of the particle size distribution and mean particle size. Analyzing corresponding signals of two acoustic instruments of significantly different operating frequency, we proposed a model for backscatter correction.


Year: 2022

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