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Influence of Urban Pattern on Rainfall-Runoff Processes

Author(s): Dongfang Liang; Zhiwei He; Bowen Che; Nichenggong Zhu; Yiming Li; Yuhao Cen

Linked Author(s): Dongfang Liang

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Abstract: Real urban environments are highly complex, and it is likely that there are numerous parameters that influence the rainfall-runoff processes, e. g. urban characteristics such as road width, orientation and building coverage. The main objective of this study is to perform a parametric study on rainfall-runoff processes in urban environments, in order to gain a better understanding of the impact urban pattern geometry has on the flow of surface runoff. A shock-capturing shallow water equations solver is used to undertake a large number of computational simulations to unveil the dominating urban parameters that influence flooding in urban systems. A sensitivity analysis is performed on the simulation results to quantify the influence of each parameter. The outcome of this research provides useful guidelines for the design of future flood-resilient urban environments and the improvement of existing drainage systems in cities.


Year: 2022

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