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Gauging Suspended Sediment Concentration in Coastal Waters by Means of Proxy Acoustical Methods

Author(s): Rui Aleixo; Massimo Guerrero; Evelien Brand; Margaret Chen

Linked Author(s): Margaret Chen, Rui Aleixo, Massimo Guerrero

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Abstract: The need for acoustic proxy methods to determine the suspended sediment concentration (SSC) in water bodies stems from two main reasons: the availability of acoustic measurement devices such as acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCP) and the need to provide accurate and regular measurements of the SSC. Different methods exist that have been proved to provide reliable results under different conditions, these methods often relate SSC with the acoustic attenuation or backscatter. Another acoustic proxy method is based on the attenuation to backscatter ratio (ABR). This method has been successfully used in fluvial environments with good results. The goal of this paper is to propose the application of the ABR method to several data bases of field data measured in a coastal area of Belgium, to determine the SSC and compare the calculated values with the ones obtained by means of calibrated optical backscatter point sensor (OBS). Different issues related with the ABR method application were identified and are discussed.


Year: 2022

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