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Reynolds Stress Modeling of Vegetated Open-Channel Flows

Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi; Hyeongsik Kang

Linked Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi, Hyeongsik Kang

Keywords: Reynolds stress model; SSG model; Vegetated open-channelflows

Abstract: The Reynolds stress model is applied to open-channel flows with submerged vegetation. The SSG model is used for the pressure strain correlation term in the transport equation of the Reynolds stresses. The mean flow and turbulence structures are reproduced numerically, and they are compared with measurement data and with the results from the k-ε model. Comparisons between the numerical and theobserved profiles reveal that the Reynolds stress model predicts the flow better than the k-ε model. The difference in the flow structures computed by the non-isotropic and isotropic turbulence models seems to be small, but it may cause a significant difference in predicting sediment or pollutant load by vegetated open-channel flows.


Year: 2001

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