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Non-Oscillatory Computation Schemes for Vertical Plane 2-D Suspended Sediment Transport Equation

Author(s): Junqiang Xia; Guangqian Wang

Linked Author(s): Junqiang Xia

Keywords: Vertical plane 2-D; Suspended sediment transport; Fractional stepsmethod; Advection-diffusion equation

Abstract: The method of fractional steps along the spatial direction is applied to split vertical plane 2-D suspended sediment transport equation into two 1-D advection-diffusion equations. Then two different computation schemes are proposed to solve them. Through comparison and analysis, this paper suggests that: as the advection process is weak in transport, the computation scheme (I) is proper through using a Crank-Nicholson (C-N) implicit difference scheme both in the x and y directions; as the advection process is preponderant in transport, the computation scheme (II) is very reasonable through using an exponential explicit difference scheme in the x direction and the C-N scheme in the y direction, respectively. Experimental results are used to verify two kinds of computation schemes, and good agreements between the calculated and measured results are obtained.


Year: 2001

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