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Measurement of Velocities and Characterization of Some Parameters Inside of Free and Submerged Hydraulic Jumps

Author(s): E. Luis G. Castillo

Linked Author(s): Luis G. Castillo Elsitdié

Keywords: Coustic Doppler Velocimeter; Turbulent high two-phase flow; Digital filtering

Abstract: Measurement of instantaneous velocities with ADV equipment, are very reliable in laminar and turbulent flows without the air presence, because the water constitutes the fundamental element of sound transmission. However, in two-phase flows (water-air), for example inside of a hydraulic jump, the register measurements can be wrong when air bubbles pass through the measurement volume, because in this instant the sound echo is not correctly transmitted. In these circumstances it is necessary to verify the registers and to carry out a digital filtering of the information, in order to eliminate and/or correct the anomalous data but maintaining the continuity of the register. In this paper are analysed some digital filters and applied to the registers of instantaneous velocities measurements inside of some configurations of free and submerged hydraulic jump. The obtained results are compared and contrasted with the already supported experimental and theoretical results.


Year: 2009

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