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Turbulent Energy Transport and Convection Properties of Flows in Closed Channels Caused by Wind-Induced Water Waves

Author(s): Michio Sanjou; Iehisa Nezu; Yu Akiya

Linked Author(s): Iehisa Nezu, Michio Sanjou

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Abstract: Wind-induced waves promote significant exchanges of mass and momentum across the air-water interface. It is inferred that mean-flow and turbulence structures depend on the phases of wave motion, which makes turbulence generation and transport properties more complicated. It is very important to investigate the relationship between turbulent energy transport and wave motions in water environmental engineering. Therefore, in this study, a high-speed CMOS camera was used to measure the turbulent structure accurately, and time-series of instantaneous velocity vectors on the laser light sheet were evaluated using a particle image correlation method. Furthermore, the phase characteristics of energy transfer among mean-velocity, wave and turbulence components were also considered experimentally.


Year: 2009

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