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Large-Eddy Simulation of Starting Buoyant Jets

Author(s): Ruo-Qian Wang; Adrian Wing-Keung Law; E. Eric Adams; Oliver B. Fringer

Linked Author(s): Ruo-Qian Wang, Wing Keung, Adrian Law, Eric Adams

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Abstract: A series of Large Eddy Simulations (LES) is presented to investigate the penetration of starting buoyant jets. The LES code is first validated by comparing simulation results with existing experimental data for both steady and starting forced lazy plumes. The centerline decay and the growth rate of the steady state velocity and concentration fields, as well as the transient penetration rate, are found to compare well with the experiments. Then, the LES code is used to study the penetration of starting buoyant jets with buoyancies ranging from a pure jet to a lazy forced plume. The penetration rate is found to increase with an increasing buoyancy flux. It is also observed that, in the initial Period of Flow Development, the two penetrative mechanisms driven by the initial buoyancy and momentum fluxes are uncoupled.


Year: 2009

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