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Solute Transport in Open-Channel Flows with Submerged Vegetation

Author(s): Hyeongsik Kang; Sung-Uk Choi; Byungwoong Choi

Linked Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi, Hyeongsik Kang

Keywords: Solute transport; Algebraic scalar flux model; Submerged vegetation; Secondary currents

Abstract: This paper investigates numerically the characteristics of the solute transport in the open-channel flow with submerged vegetation. The algebraic scalar flux model and the Reynolds stress model are used for the solute transport and flow computations, respectively. The model is applied to a laboratory experiment, showing that the model predicts the mean flow and secondary currents correctly. To study the impact of vegetation on the solute transport, solute transports in the flow with and without vegetation are compared. It is found for vegetated flow that the diffusion process is enhanced near the vegetation height and the resulting turbulent Schmidt number is less than unity.


Year: 2009

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