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Methodology for Flood Resilience Index Development

Author(s): Jelena Batica; Philippe Gourbesville

Linked Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville

Keywords: Collaborative research; Flooding of urban areas; Flood resilience; Flood resilience index; Dynamic systems; Spatial scales for urban areas; Flood risks; Strategies

Abstract: Modern cities have developed during the last decades a high vulnerability regarding flood processes due to the fast growth of technical equipments and sophistication of infrastructures like public mass transportation systems, energy supply networks, etc. The present paper, based on the CORFU FP7 project focused on Asian and European urban environments and urban flooding resilience, present a global methodology used to assess, at various spatial scales, a flood resilience index. The approach is characterized by several sequential steps which include hydrological events analysis, flood modelling, and vulnerability assessment. The proposed approach could be implemented according to different special resolutions and various levels of accuracy for the different data categories used. The methodology covers the differences in urban flooding problems in Asia and in Europe range from levels of economic development, infrastructure age, social systems and decision making processes, to prevailing drainage methods, seasonality of rainfall patterns and climate change trends.


Year: 2011

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