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Development and Application of a Decision-Support System for Water Resources Distribution in the Wei River Basin

Author(s): Y. W. Jia; X. H. Lei; Z. H. Zhou; G. Y. Yang; Y. Q. Qiu; C. W. Niu

Linked Author(s): Yangwen Jia

Keywords: Water resources; Optimal distribution; DSS; RCP; The Wei River; The Yellow River

Abstract: The Wei River with a catchment area of 134800 km2 is the biggest tributary of the Yellow River. The water-scarce issue became serious in recent years in the basin, thus a good management of its water resources is desired. A decision-support system for water resources distribution in the basin was newly developed and tested in this study. The system with a GUI was developed in a structure of RCP/Server, which includes two subsystems, i.e., a platform of database and monitoring information, and a model subsystem. The model subsystem consists of 7 models respectively for distributed hydrological modelling, long-term water resources allocation, inflow prediction, water demand prediction, yearly water resources distribution, monthly water resources distribution, and river channel flow routing for emergent regulation. These models were validated based on the observation/statistical data. The system had been successfully applied in the water resources distribution practice in the basin in 2007 and 2008.


Year: 2011

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