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Computations of Real Scale Experiment on Levee Breach with a 2D Shallow Flow Model

Author(s): Hiroki Zenno; Toshiki Iwasaki; Yasuyuki Shimizu; Ichiro Kimura

Linked Author(s): Yasuyuki Shimizu, Ichiro Kimura

Keywords: Levee breach; 2D shallow flow model; Real scale river experiment

Abstract: Flood in rivers is a common disaster all over the world. If a levee breach happens, it sometimes causes a fatal disaster. In addition, many buildings, urban facilities, lifelines, etc. are seriously damaged. Detailed mechanism of a levee breach has not been clarified yet. Therefore, it is important to predict the collapsing process of riverbank and behaviour of overtopping flow for reducing flood damage. We applied a two-dimensional shallow flow computational model to levee breach phenomena caused by overflow and the performance of the model was elucidated. Numerical model calibration is made through the comparison with a field experimental data. Recently, a real-scale experiment on a levee breach was carried out at the Chiyoda Experimental Channel in Japan. We performed the computation under the same conditions in the experiment. The computational results showed the excellent agreement with experiment for simulating levee breach phenomena.


Year: 2011

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