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The Effect of Random Inhomogeneities of Pipe Cross-Sectional Area on Wave Propagation

Author(s): H. -F. Duan; J. L. Lu; A. A. Kolyshkin; M. S. Ghidaoui

Linked Author(s): Mohamed S. Ghidaoui

Keywords: Random inhomogeneities; Wave propagation; Method of multiple scales

Abstract: Method of multiple scales is used in the present paper to derive an amplitude evolution equation for wave propagation in pipes where the area of the pipe contains random component. The derivation is based on one-dimensional linearized water hammer equation for pipe flows. Analytical results and numerical simulations confirm that waves are attenuated if the area of the pipe changes randomly along the longitudinal direction provided that the amplitude of the random component is small in comparison with the area of the pipe.


Year: 2011

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