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Comparison of 3D Numerical Modelling with an Experimental Scaled-Model of Urban Flooding

Author(s): R. F. Carvalho; M. Oertel; T. Motz; R. Martins; J. Leandro

Linked Author(s): Maria Rita L. M. F. Carvalho

Keywords: Urban flood models; FLOW-3D numerical model; Scale model; Benchmark test

Abstract: Flood modeling of urban areas demands sophisticated models for simulating a wide range of conditions. However, good quality data of flood events are hazardous to obtain, hence the thorough validation of drainage models is difficult. An experimental scaled-model comprising a 1 % slope rectangular surface-channel with a cross-sectional area of 0.5 x 0.5 m with six identical 21 mm diameter inlets at the bottom was set-up. The experimental collected data was compared with FLOW-3D numerical model for a wide range of boundary conditions. Systematic data of inlet's discharge, water levels and velocity fields for different number and configuration of inlet's opening and varying boundary conditions are presented. Although the numerical results showed a fair agreement with the laboratory measurements, the study also highlighted the difficulty to calibrate 3D numerical models in order to enhance the experimental data.


Year: 2011

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