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The Effect of Large Boulders on the Hydraulic of Unsubmerged Block Ramps

Author(s): S. Pagliara; S. Pozzolini

Linked Author(s): Stefano Pagliara

Keywords: Grade control structure; Block ramps; Large boulders; Energy dissipation; Low submergence; Drag force; Hydraulic jump

Abstract: A block ramp with uniform slope and with the surface covered with crushed blocks has been investigated. The presence of large boulders on the ramp has been simulated by means of concrete cubic blocks, arranged in regular configurations. investigated. The tests aimed to verify the effect of large boulders on the energy dissipation caused by theramp, and to verify the effect on the hydrodynamic conditions downstream of the ramp. Abatract: The effect of large boulders on block ramps hydraulic has been experimentallyTest results have been analysed both from an energetic and from a dynamic point of view. Primary attention has been devoted to variations in relative energy dissipation and in the specific force downstream of the ramp caused by the boulders. Variations in water depth downstream of the ramp consequent to boulders presence have been measured by mean of an electric probe, while the drag force acting on boulders has been measured by mean of a pressure transducer. Relationships are proposed to evaluate the energy dissipation caused by the ramp and the mean bottom shear stress acting on it.


Year: 2003

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